Monday - Friday
6:30 am - 3 pm
7 am - 3 pm
Tel: 423.266.1121
Chi Chi House History

A marvellous cafe
in the heart of Hughesdale

This little place is a cosy spot with friendly service, serving Asian fusion cuisine with a touch of a western accent. Chi Chi House Cafe has a great variety menu for breakfast, brunch and lunch, and a handful of choices of baked sweets. Let’s not forget about the coffee, our coffee beans are roasted locally, only a few kilometres from the shop, to learn more about our coffee partners click here.

The mystery man behind our menu

“Amazing experience of tantalizing flavours”

With such a range of finger-licking good dishes, there must be someone behind the scenes who creates such majestic and unique flavours that intermingle so well that it leaves a lasting impression. He is a mystery man with decades of culinary experience that enable him to create all our breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes.

Chi Chi House Cafe Concept & History

We take pride in creating a humble but refined environment where our respected patrons can enjoy the finest quality food prepared with the utmost diligence.